Workplace by Facebook? It works just like Facebook, but it has its own interface and apps for businesses. I believe it is currently free for education.You can make groups, chat, post to public forums or private groups, share files, and a ton more.

  • YouTube channel trailers and content,
  • School blogs (in any form – by division, by grade level, subject area, etc).
  • Twitter presence.
  • The elementary school has grade-level Facebook pages.
  • Work with students in some grade levels to generate weekly posts summarizing their learning.
  • YouTube Channel TO uploading newscasts created on school happenings. Village School Instagram account 
  • Humans of Village“, which (I think) is student-generated content. The Berkley Carroll School has a ‘Where is it Wednesday?” feature, where they photograph an obscure spot on campus and challenge followers to locate it.

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