1. How is Business treating you this year?
  2. Can you tell us how you feel about our relationship currently?
  3. What is your projected growth for 2015?
  4. Who are your key competitors?
  5. Why do we not have a larger share of your market?
  6. What experiences have you had in these cities?
  7. What is your decision-making process for buying __________-in certain cities?
  8. What have you tried to fix the problem with your current product type?
  9. What qualities do you look for in a product type?
  10. What is your budget?
  11. Who are the decision makers involved in the purchasing decision?
  12. Tell me more about…How did that affect you?
  13. Is there any reason we shouldn’t move forward with you buying more _____________?
  14. Do you have any other concerns with _________?
  15. What are __________ margins with ___________ and other main competitors such as _________? How much revenue does ___________collect from __________products, compared to the revenue they collect form our competitors.
  16. CEO-Married, Kids, Career Background, interests, etc.?
  17. Who they sell to; target market
  18. Service
  19. Sales Managers
  20. Line of Credit
  21. Social Media Presence
  22. Shareholding structure
  23. Executives
  24. Decision Makers/Structure/Process
  25. Taxes/Fees
  26. Locations
  27. Market Share
  28. Market
  29. People Involved
  30. Business Model
  31. Products
  32. Mission Statement
  33. Vision
  34. Website
  35. Marketing
  36. Community Involvement
  37. Biggest Accomplishment
  38. Key Problems Client is Facing
  39. Competition
  40. Ratings/Reviews
  41. Images
  42. Pricing
  43. Technology

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