But I am suggesting that we follow some simple guidelines to lessen the addictive hold that digital can have on us:

Keep yourself logged out. If you aren’t logged into the social network all the time then it becomes harder to check. It creates a natural barrier to staying connected all the time. Don’t even let your browser save your username and password. Force yourself to type it in every time.
Set boundaries. I was checking Facebook at all times of the day—morning, noon, and night. Set yourself some times when you’ll check and interact with Facebook and then don’t check it otherwise. Boundaries are much easier to set when you aren’t always logged in.
Reduce network size. Part of the problem with “digital addiction” is the volume of updates. When your network gets particularly large, it’s easier to feed the addictive need of having to check all the time. Reduce the number of people and reduce the number of updates that you’re receiving.
Will I ever return to Facebook? Maybe. Once the dust settles and I’m finished with a “digital detox.” But for now? The little blue thumb is off limits.

Do you feel that you are addicted to digital? How do you manage the time you spend checking into social networks and interacting with people through digital channels?

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