Technology Sales Enablement importance is crucial because you need to measure the results of your efforts, to provide visibility, and to automate parts of the process. If you automate before your processes are in place, you are going to run into trouble. What frequently happens in B2B companies is that marketing relies on marketing automation as their single source of truth and sales does the same with CRM. Sometimes the data doesn’t agree and that causes problems. Choosing the right technology includes starting with the core and then moving the edges. Then connect the core and edges as seamlessly as possible.¬†Old school sales thinking is a funnel and new way of thinking is spiral and on-going never-ending. We serve and help, not sell. The full sales cycle should include goals, customers, content strategy, implement processes of SLAs, smarketing meetings, and then accelerate with technology.

Making Content a Company-wide initiative for Technology Sales Enablement importance

  1. Choose a Content Manager
  2. Get Sales Involved
  3. Get the rest of the company involved
  4. Experiment with video

Technology Sales Enablement importance involves a company to designate a full-time content manager with excellent writing, editing, and journalism skills. A Content Manager needs to get the sales team involved in content creation. Salespeople must communicate to the content manager on how to stop sending the same emails and answering the same questions in their discussions with prospects.  Maybe record some of their sales calls to understand the same questions and answers being given. A content manager has the ability to solve problems so sales can trust this person. Content for guidance to fire old solutions. Old habits die hard.

“I have to fire the old way of doing it and hire the new.”

A content manager should interview each employee and sales managers each month for insights with a recorder regarding implementation roadmaps, pitfalls, ideas, tips, best practices, and objections the company is getting for selling their products. Create a 12 person thought leadership committee that includes c suite, salespeople, and engineering team. one person a week.

  • What are prospects and customers asking?
  • How do you define success?
  • Is there anything you haven’t been getting enough out of us.
  • What strategy do we have in place for referral, advocacy, and renewal?
  • What is stopping salespeople from selling?
  • How much did we increase lead flow this year?
  • Content for each question?
  • How to plan to get 1/3 of customers from inbound generation?
  • What service strategy do we give customers for the jobs they are trying to get done?
  • Ask customers what they need in form of content?

Your company must create a culture of content creation and technology Sales Enablement importance. 80% of your content on our website should be visual. You should think about your company as a media company that happens to sell a product.  Bang out a blog faster with voice activation in the creation process. Create content that will help people use your product most effectively. Three ways to enable customers provide help for people to fire their old solutions, encourage people to buy from you again, and focus on the job they hired your product to do.

“Content = Insights”

Sales outreach is a good place to start with video. Hire a Full-time videographer to create great video content. For example, you could create a 90-second video cold email that has a press play button and a “let me know if I can help with any questions.” Include a whiteboard with your company holding the name inside of the prospect.

Final Thought:¬†“When sales and marketing are in alignment when your data is in alignment, there is a single source of truth on which both teams can agree. Using data as the common language fosters collaboration and improves communication.


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