1. Standard subtype campaigns: use basic location and language targeting, bidding and budget settings, and common ad extensions. Standard is recommended.
  2. All features campaign subtype: ad scheduling, location, and ad delivery methods. For example, you could schedule your ads to show only when your store is open. All features is recommended for more experienced advertisers.

Use Display ads for promoting new blogs

About AdWords campaign types

Adwords components

  • Account – associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information.
  1. Campaign – has its own budget and settings that determine where your ads appear.
  2. Ad group – a set of similar ads as well as keywords, (the words and phrases that trigger your ads to show up).

choose a more specific subtype. Check out the benefits of each below:

  • Campaign type — determines factors such as where your ads can show to customers on Google’s advertising networks.
  • Campaign subtype — determines which options are available, such as the types of ads you can design.
  1. Search Network: your ads can appear throughout the Google Search Network’s sites. AdWords uses keywords to display your ads when people search for related terms. Useful for advertisers who want to connect with customers at the moment of search to related products or services.
  2. Display Network only campaign: Matching your ads to related websites and other placements, like YouTube and mobile apps. This campaign type is useful for advertisers who want to generate awareness of their business and target audiences with specific interests.
  3. Search Network with Display Select: Search results page of the Google Search Network and relevant placements on the Display Network. With this option, your budget is shared across both networks. This type allows you to reach people in more places who are seeking services like yours, Google Search or on a relevant website.
  4. Video campaign: video ads on YouTube and on sites across the Google Display Network. Lets you reach people near your restaurant visiting food-related websites, such as blogs about specific cuisines or websites that provide restaurant reviews.
  5. With a Shopping campaign type, you might see your ads across the web in Google Shopping (next to search results and separate from text ads). They could also show up on Google Search partner websites, like YouTube. This campaign type is useful for retailers who want to promote their online and local inventory, boost traffic to their website or local store, and find better-qualified leads.
  6. Universal App – Promote your app across Search, Display, and YouTube. Your ads and bids are automatically adjusted to get the most downloads for your app. All you need to do is provide some text, a starting bid, and budget, and include the languages and geographic locations for your ads. Our system will then test different combinations and show the best-performing ads more often.

Advanced Search Advertising

  • Google Search, next to search results and separate from text ads
  • Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube and Image Search in some countries (if your campaign is set to include search partners)

Your Shopping ads can appear at the same time as text ads because we want to give shoppers access to the full variety of products that match their search. This means that shoppers can find the best match before clicking through to make a purchase, which might help you close the sale.


If you sell ballet slippers and have a text ad for ballet equipment and a Shopping ad for ballet shoes, a customer could see both of your ads on the same Google Search results page.

  1. Dynamic Search Ads: Instead of keywords, Dynamic Search Ads use content from your website to target your ads to searches. To do so, we use Google’s organic search index of your website to determine which searches might be relevant to your products and services. Dynamic Search Ads can have longer headlines than other search ads, which improves their visibility. Choose which landing pages to scan. You can choose whether your entire website or just specific pages are used to target your ads. The default way to set up Dynamic Search Ads is to use category targets generated from your website. These customized categories, based on the content and structure of your site, will help you reach groups of people who are most relevant to your business goals. Dynamic Search Ads Here are some of the benefits of using Dynamic Search Ads: Save time. No more mapping keywords, bids, and ad text to each product on your website; Frequent, automatic updates to your ads. When you make changes to pages in our index, we’ll crawl your website again to help ensure that your ads are as up to date as possible; Show relevant, dynamically generated headlines with your ads. When a customer’s search is relevant to your product or service, we’ll dynamically generate an ad with a headline that includes words from that customer’s search phrase and the landing page in the ad.
  • Control your campaign. You can show ads based on your entire website, or specific categories or pages. Or, prevent your ads from showing for products that are temporarily out-of-stock; Capture additional traffic. Dynamic Search Ads can help you gain additional traffic and sales by promoting your business to more customers than you can reach with a keyword-targeted campaign.

The ad formats available to you depend on your campaign type (Search Network only, Display Network only, Search Network with Display Select) and campaign sub-type (for example, Standard or All features). Learn more about the different campaign types available.

Mobile ads and campaigns

Some campaigns types only show ads on mobile, such as app promotion campaigns and call-only campaigns. To see how these ads appear to customers on the go, learn more about the different types of mobile ads

Here you can see which ad formats are available with each campaign type.

Campaign type Text ad Image ad App promotion ad Shopping ad Dynamic Search Ad Video ad Call-only ad
Search Network with Display Select – Standard
Search Network with Display Select – All features
Search Network only – Call-only
Search Network only – Mobile app installs
Search Network only – Standard
Search Network only – All features
Search Network only – Dynamic search ads
Display Network only – All features
Display Network only – Marketing objectives > Install your mobile app
Display Network only – Marketing objectives > Buy on your website

Keep in mind

If you select “Search Network with Display Select – All features” or any of the “Display Network only” campaign types, you’ll have access to the Ad gallery, an ad-creation tool. However, the actual ad formats available to you in the Ad gallery depend on the specific campaign type you select. Learn more about the Ad gallery.


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