Social Media provides businesses and individuals with a powerful tool for marketing products, services, and initiatives, and for building a receptive, engaged audience. More than 90% of marketers use social media in their campaigns. Engage in two way dialogues through meaningful interactions. Turn customers into brand advocates. Increase visibility of brands. Employees can increase the key exposure of content. Track brand sentiment about what is being said about them. Gain a better understanding of customers and support their broader objectives. The fastest growing demographic on social media is the 45-54 age bracket.

Over 1 Billion users on Facebook. Brands, Businesses, Products. Marketing value and customer engagement. History and connection. Most downloaded apps. Finding new customers, boosting traffic and sales, connecting with the community. Twitter is open social network.As Twitter is an open network, businesses are able to follow and monitor their customers for insights into their ideas, habits, and opinions about different products and services.Quickly respond to issues, increase your brand’s exposure, build brand loyalty, reward long-standing customers. Real-time way to communicate with their communities. Linkedin is the world’s largest network. HR can leverage company pages to see candidates. Verify candidates to reduce time. Sales can use to identify new leads and connect with other groups. Promote new products and services through brand awareness. Instagram is the best way to share moments.  18-29 is largest demographic. Stories are temporary conretn. Hyperlapse, boomeragn, and 90 million phos and vidoes per day. Instagram is great for fan photo and video contest and sahred on third party networks to be shared more broadly.Largetst video, 2nd search, 18-49 larger than any other cable network. Educate users about products and videos. End Screens and cards to watch more content. Pinterest organize videos and photo. Better for social dicovery. Snapchat mobile networking for videos or phots that dissapear. Most buzzed about with spectacles with built in video cameras. Shareable design when best explained by your friend. 2.5 Billion snaps per day. Short or phots and self lenises or geo filters based where you are or sticker of emojis for extra flare on these images. Stories feature that can be viewed. Search video of other stories. More authentic instead of product revela.s High levels of engagement.


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