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A lot of companies will outsource Social Media Marketing. ¬†The State of Social Media for Small Business. ¬†Local Social Media Marketing¬†will be huge in your success.¬†Analyze a social media campaign from your own perspective, write about updates or changes to a social media platform, or write about your view on how space affects buyer decision-making ‚Äď there are endless opportunities to showcase your knowledge and thinking.

Some popular courses include ADMA Social Media Marketing Essentials (as well as other ADMA courses) and SMK social media workshops. However, do your homework as there are plenty of courses out there and not all of them are delivered by people who really know their stuff.  Easy ways to identify social media experts include scouring Twitter lists, reading articles on Mumbrella and Marketing Magazine, and doing searches on LinkedIn.

On average, blogging is one of the most cost-effective channels for generating leads, followed by social media, organic SEO, direct mail, telemarketing, paid search, and trade shows.

  1. Upwork
  2. Linkedin Profinder
  3. Fiveer

Why You? Sell Yourself in Your Description.

“Not having time for social prospects? Frustrated with learning how to get REAL results with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?¬† I’m Benjamin, Google Educator, Social Media Pro and Global Marketer who’s helped over 20 brands on social media. Besides¬†loving what I do, I’m know for my kindness, friendliness¬†& great communication skills, as well as for putting extra effort to help people and answer to their needs if I can, where others wouldn’t. I have 6 years experience¬†providing clients with their social media help. I’m a fast deliverer since I work extra hours outside of my job to support, provide, & protect my family. Give me a whirl!

Look at other Top rated sellers profiles. Add skills you have at your disposal. Buyers look at reviews so add good ones! List your current location as some people like working with people who have a local perspective. Also, list languages to help in communications during completion of gigs. Use a professional headshot. Add degrees and certifications. Include portfolio links and images.

Guest service tips and tricks: Answer each buyer inquiry ASAP to impact your response rate. Top Sellers on Fiverr have an average response rate of 98% and respond within 24 hours. Make sure you understand every inquiry fully. Do you understand the terms of the requested gig?¬† What requirements for work need to be met? Are you willing to deliver the request? Let your buyers know how you are planning on completing the work.¬† If it’s work that you do in phases, keep them updated. Giving a buyer options and inviting their input is a great way to ensure you will have 100% satisfaction after delivery. Ask questions and engage your audiences. If you’re working with a foreign buyer, using the emoji board in the messaging platform can help. Keep all communication inside of Fiverr – if you pressure a buyer to communicate on outside platforms, it seems unprofessional. Keeping communication on the platform is also the only way Fiverr can protect you and your rights. Deliver your orders on time and seen by Live Gallery Feature. Ask for repeated buyers for feedback.¬† “Dear (Buyer’s name), I noticed you left no review. I am writing to ensure the work delivered is as expected. Fiverr closes the Gig three days after I deliver, and I want to be able to make any changes and redeliver before that occurs. If you are completely satisfied, a review helps me here. Best, Benjamin.” If you get a bad review: “I am so sorry you are not pleased with my work. Based on the order, we agreed I would do (list what you agreed to) for the project. As you can see, I delivered this by providing (list what you provided that matched what you agreed upon) as visible in the x part of the work delivered. I would greatly appreciate either an opportunity to tweak the work, based on what you purchased, in the hopes, you will consider adjusting your review to represent what I redeliver. If you are not amenable to this, please let me know what I can do better in the future so I can learn from this experience (Your name). Top sellers maintain ratings of 98% or HIGHER, proving that good reviews = more income! Awesome Experience = Repeated Buyers = Revenue! Don’t spam your byers. Use a “quick response” when appropriate, but take the time to personalize messages when neeeded. Fiverr’s Editorial Team Searches the marketplace to find sellers to feature. Gigs that meet certain quality standards are given a featured badge by the team and it brings more exposure, traffic, and credibility to your gig. Visit fiverr’s blog and Fiverr Academy to become a better seller.

Tips for gigs optimization

Gig title: Short, clear, and consice iwth relevant search temrms

gig image/video: reflects service

live portfolio: work samples


description: informative as possible to reduce cancelation and questions. simple language and option to contact before buying. add requirements.

FAQ – INcrease conversion rate and prevent unecessary cancelations

gig extras: adding complementing service, I invite you to order extras below.


Fiveer Pro

  1. Linkedin Messages/Inmails
  2. Facebook Social Media Jobs Facebook Group
  3. Creative Circle Freelance Marketing Recruiting
  4. Website Forms


Have a car, start driving for Uber or Lyft- reinvest the money into a side business. Have a smartphone?  Try Dscout to get paid for customer interviews. Have a network?  Try Indeed Crowd to make money referring peers for potential jobs. Have a special skill?  Join Upwork and start freelancing your specialty for some extra side cash.

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