Begin your journey in My Maps to plot points, draw shapes, create layers, measure distance, and collaborate with other Maps users. Start by having students create a map of destinations that relate to places they’d like to visit later in life.  Next, experience what a virtual tour can look like with Google Tour Builder. With this, you can create maps and add in the text, photos, and videos. Try creating a virtual tour of elements from a recent or current text that has been in your classroom. This guide can help you construct a map that includes engaging multimedia elements to reach all levels of learners. If you’re looking for more areas in which Maps can assist you, review the content found on the Google Earth education page. The Street View Google Maps feature allows you to view an area at ground level. Students can build virtual tours using your builder. My Maps allows students to plot their own points on a Google Map. Here are a few Google Earth resources to help you get familiar with the program before you apply it in your classroom:

You can use Google Earth through the lens of Google Lit Trips, education experiences created by the non-profit GLT Global ED. Through this, we will see how we might take this powerful teaching strategy and apply it to various parts of our curriculum. By using this tool, you can make literature come alive for his students. Google Earth takes students on a journey with the characters. This teaching strategy can be applied to many areas of your curriculum. The idea is to get students inside and interacting with the content.If you are happy with what you’ve created, why not submit your experience to GLT Global ED to become a formal Google Lit Trip? Google Earth allows teachers and students to Insert placemarks around the world, Insert text, images, and videos into the placemark balloons, Explore underwater, and follow a given path

  • At the beginning of study – to ignite interest (i.e., visiting Romeo and Juliet’s Verona as an activator before reading the play)
  • In the middle of study – to provide clarification / deeper understanding (i.e., visiting Verona mid-reading to provide context, deepen understanding)
  • At the end of the study – to apply/extend learning (i.e., visiting Verona after reading so students can find and point out features on their own.)

Google Expeditions Lesson Plan template below will help to give a teacher points of interest, Sample questions, and Information about the location.



Number of Students:



Essential Question:

Guiding Questions:


Place in Unit of Study (circle one): Beginning / Middle / End

Grouping (circle one): Whole Class / Small Group

Selected Expedition:

Selected Points of Interest:

Additional videos / resources:

Discussion Questions:

Student Activity (How are students building background knowledge to prepare for the expedition?):

Discussion Questions (include related points of interest, if applicable):

Student Activity (How are students recording and processing what they learn from the expedition?):

Discussion Questions:

Student Activity (How are students synthesizing and analyzing what they learn from the expedition?):

What additional learning/inquiry was inspired by what students experienced on this expedition?

First, determine the learning objective for the expedition and plan activities that link to the expedition for before and after the expedition itself. It’s a good idea for students to be engaged in a collaborative activity while going on the expedition. Google Hangouts Live On Air are live public recordings that can be saved to your YouTube channel for later viewing. While studying the Great Barrier Reef, students go underwater and explore different sections of the reef and as a writing prompt, the teacher zooms in on a certain area of the map and pulls up a picture. Students must describe the scene and tell a story of what happened are how you could use Street View in a classroom. KMZ files are used in Google

Google Earth

Earth. Google Earth can be used in literary lessons to follow the journey of a character. Explore places described in the literature. Interviewing the town Mayor about city government live from her office and posting the recording for other classes to view connecting several classrooms virtually for a book study.Search tools you can use for Web results show you could use Hangouts Video Calls or Hangouts On Air.

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