Becoming a certified Google trainer’s goal is to create and deliver training plans. Educators experience how Google tools can change the way they teach. Envisioning yourself as a leader.  To prepare for your leadership in education you need to be reflective about your practice, be active in gaining new understandings of teaching and learning, and be a continuous learner.

Leadership qualities trainers should embody when working with educators: listen to their educators and audience. treat educators as professionals and support them as independent thinkers. Vision-setting is important. Sometimes people need to be shown what is possible and paint a picture of how to get there. Good leaders build relationships first. Establishing trust helps others feel comfortable when trying something new. Share other’s successes. We could document awesome lessons with pictures and share them in our Google+ community. It really helps model best practices and inspires innovation. The trainers and leaders in my school community visit classrooms and record videos of teachers leading small groups of students. These videos could be uploaded to the school YouTube channel so others can benefit from seeing best practices in action. Important qualities of any leader: developing a shared vision for professional development.

According to Malcolm Knowles’ Andragogy in Action, “Adult learners are motivated when they are presented with personally relevant and replicable content.” Encourage these learners to integrate expertise and previous experiences into their learning. This will increase engagement and challenge complacency.

  • Goal: Motivate at least two other teachers this semester to try a project with Google Docs or Google Slides at a substitution level. Achieve credibility by obtaining a Google L1, L2, and Certified Trainer badge. This can prove that I am ready to become an effective trainer and leader.
  • Success: I can share student examples of work in Google Docs or Google Slides with the other teachers at my school. Encourage the students to talk about what they liked and disliked about the project with their teachers. During staff development days, I now facilitate brief training. My colleagues and administrative staff recognize my expertise and view me as a leader.

What qualities should a trainer possess to inspire transformation? Demonstrate clear communication strategies with school leaders and teachers, Develop an understanding of community needs, and Determine incremental goals for technology integration. 2Adult learners are motivated when the content is personally relevant, honors their expertise, and builds upon their prior knowledge. It is easier to determine if a goal has been met when the goal is written with observable objectives. How might you improve your practice as a trainer: Communicating with respect, Delivering content with empathy, Building connections with your audience, and Meeting the individual needs of each person by actively listening and differentiating instruction.

As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, you have the unique opportunity to work with many stakeholder groups. Your guidance can help leaders and community members understand their role in managing change, identifying best practices, and embodying innovation every day. Start by visiting the ISTE Essential Conditions, which lays out a framework for building a shared vision in your community. You can begin collecting the voices of teachers, parents, students, administrators, board members, and community members. Gather the interests, wishes, concerns, and ideas of each group and empower them to provide input on the plan as it takes shape. Developing a shared vision requires buy-in from all stakeholders. Communication is an integral component of this process. You can communicate in a variety of ways: from emails to newsletters, to group polls. It’s important to gather a variety of voices and encourage active participation in the process.

Create a shared vision including school’s learning goals, initiatives, and collective voice?

  • Using the same Google Doc all year to store meeting notes and links to resources keeps every meeting organized and documented.
  • Creating a shared folder enables all members of a group to share resources, agendas, and notes. Different folders can be created for teaching teams, various departments, grade levels, and individual schools.

How can you broadcast initiatives to get buy-in from a wide audience?

  • Gmail is used by the parents in the community to keep them informed. Teachers and administrators send newsletters and email announcements weekly.
  • Using Blogger, teachers and administrators can capture and share classroom learning and keep stakeholders up to date on the school’s goals and initiatives.

First, you’ll need the support of leadership to help drive the change you are proposing. However, in your search for support, try going beyond leadership and look for evangelists within the impacted group to help support your goals. Second, you need to have a plan in place for those who are resistant to change. How will you motivate this group and call on your supporters for help? Third, communication to all parties involved should be as clear and transparent as possible. Everyone should understand what they are expected to do as processes and expectations change. Finally, you should be able to evaluate how the change has been adopted and measure the impact that it has had on the organization. You’ve examined some of the components of shared vision building, goal setting, and change management.

Knowing that so many teachers need support with device and time management, develop training videos and tutorials to model best practices. Also, work with school leaders to answer any questions the teachers may have at an upcoming staff meeting. Video tutorials allow teachers to learn new content at their pace and being present during staff meetings lets them get answers to any specific questions they may have.

Target teachers who are early technology adopters and spend time in their rooms building community and a reputation of trust. By sharing those stories, I start to define the role I can play in more classrooms, and I make a point to reach out to other teachers. It’s not easy to go into classrooms where teachers don’t know how to work with you. So, helping them understand what I can offer and how to access all available resources is tremendously beneficial.

Develop benchmarks to measure teacher proficiency with G Suite for Education. Develop a training schedule to help teachers gain proficiency with various Apps. Incentivize teachers to earn Google Educator Level 1 Certification. Having interim goals allows me to support the change management process and monitor success. Have time each month to host a small professional development group session focused on the administrative use of G Suite. My school leader trusts that the tools I introduce are valuable for the whole organization. Supporting school leaders directly helps them feel more informed and better prepares them to navigate changes with the teachers, staff, students, and parents.

Which group(s) should be included as stakeholders when supporting a shared vision as a Google for Education Certified Trainer? Local businesses, School leaders, and Students. What are some effective ways to ensure stakeholders understand or buy into the shared vision of their organization? (Select all that apply) Use a Google Form to survey stakeholders., create a Google+ community for your organization to post updates and hold discussions, and use Blogger to share school updates and innovative practices. You can involve stakeholders in the goal setting process? host parent evenings to gather ideas and feedback from parents, collaborate with other community trainers and share success and failure stories with community leaders. allow students to share ideas and opinions through the use of Google Forms surveys, and meet regularly with the school leader to discuss ways you can help support the school vision. You can impact change management with the strategies of p

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