Benjamin Kepner “Googliness”  


Frame 1 (8 seconds): Google looks for people with passion and drives to use technology to make the world a better place. “Googliness” is defined by Google as a mash-up of passion and drive that’s hard to define but easy to spot.

Frame 2 (8 seconds): 26,000 Googlers worldwide use computer science as a tool to do things today. I want to connect more learners to the world with Google products.

Frame 3 (10 seconds): The opportunity to be added to the Google Group of 2000 Certified Trainers globally where I can ask questions, share resources, and collaborate is a powerful professional growth opportunity for me. Exclusive access to new Google product launches and a G Suite for Education domain to use during training will also allow me to present training workshops to share with the world.

Frame 4 (8 seconds): So what makes me Googley? I’ve taken time to learn, pass Google certification exams, and improve my training skills to grow. I’m a networker with 14,000 online connections who want the ability as a Google Trainer to work in a variety of environments. Finally, I possess real-world training experience during my time as an English educator and Private English tutor in Recuerdos del Cole Xove Spain Album, Author for, a Tourico Holidays Travel Academy Instructor, and digital marketing blogger of Global Social Media Marketing.

Google Training Lessons

Today I am going to show you how to use Google photos to share on your Google+ profile. Google+ allowed my students in Spain to discover the amazing things we did together on field trips CEIP PlurilingĂĽe Pedro Caselles Rollán de Xove Excursion 1 is an example of our trip to the aquarium in A Coruna. Using Google Picasa and a DSLR camera I captured memories so my students could explore their interests, join communities of people around topics related to our field trip, and view my Google+ profile with the photo albums to comment on or share the locations of places we visited. Google’s Auto Awesome personal storytelling features inside G+ also allowed me to create Google Stories that weaved together photos, videos, maps, and time-stamps into a ready-made travelogue.

If you want to share your photos on Google+ you can do it by creating a photo album. Open Google Chrome and type in in the address bar and press enter. Login to your Gmail account.  Begin by clicking on albums. Click on the new album. Select a photo you would like to upload and click create. Then give your album a title. From there, you can click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to add another photo. Click done. Once you have all the pictures you want in your album, click the check mark in the upper left-hand corner.  Then press share and click on Google+. Continue to Google+ and then give a name of Google+ post with your album using hashtags so people can find your post in search with relevant keywords. Once you have finished, click post. Now type in in your address bar and press enters to go to your profile to see your beautiful album you have shared on Google+. Once you have the photos you want on your album, click on the share icon and then on the Google+ icon.  Type in the text of your post and try to use relevant #hashtags so people can find your posts that interested in topics similar to yours.


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