Extraordinary trainers quickly engage their adult learners, build connections, and earn trust. Their passion is contagious. How can you make sure you are delivering your training with the same passion and engagement?

Teachers who are learning look for information that can easily and quickly translate into their grade level and content areas. Research tells us that adults prefer to focus on relevant problems and solutions. Are you able to design your sessions with these essential qualities in mind? Doing so will help you build rapport and trust, and enhance your interpersonal training skills.How can I help the teachers understand Advanced Google Search Tools when they research information about current events?” I like to use the news to build the case for training teachers to use Google Search strategies in their classroom. I also like to give them tools to use when they are searching for information in front of their students. By adding the phrase “for kids” to the end of a search query, they are likely to come up with more appropriate content. Also, filtering the search by time limits the search further. Training the teachers to be in charge of their search increases the likelihood that they’ll model it for their students, and then the students can search more effectively, too.

Being a connected educator helps you stay in touch with trends, best practices, and developing pedagogy. How can Google tools help you become and stay connected? I’ve considered myself a connected educator for a few years now, but I took my time jumping into Google+ because I wasn’t sure about the purpose. I don’t need to make new friends. I am already connected to a bunch of people on Twitter. So, I decided to try Google+ communities and see what they had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed! I was surprised to see both public and closed groups that matched my areas of interest, and there was even a Google Educator Group (GEG) in my area! If you have specific Google questions, go to GEG Group and ask for advice.
Adult learners are looking for information that can be easily and quickly integrated and prefer to focus on problem-based learning.  Adults appreciate when training calls upon prior experiences and expertise. Which of the following are qualities of an adult learner? Adult learners are looking for information that can be easily and quickly integrated. Adults prefer to focus on problem-based learning. Which Google tool is the best fit for building relevant global connections for training and classroom instruction? YouTube. Using Google tools to collaborate and communicate regularly can increase motivation and can nudge participants to take positive steps forward. True. In what way can Google+ assist in the goal-setting process within your organization? 

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