You can make two-step verification (2SV) deployment easier with an Admin-led security key enrollment, 2SV enrollment periods, Protect users against fishing, and a Better experience for SMS 2-Step users with Google Prompt. Hire Рrecruiting app for g suite; US Based G Suite customers <1000 seats. Manage access to third-party apps with new G Suite security controls, limit app access to the ones you trust; trusted white list of apps in a separate section. An improved third-party sharing experience in Google Drive. Must be configured in apps, g suite, and settings for the drive. An easier way to view changes to the visibility of Google Drive files. Go to reports in google to see how documents are updated in Drive, Added Google+ usage. Expanded Hangouts Meet troubleshooting data to include mobile devices. Set automated rules for mobile devices to protect your data and now you can customize a rule for mobile devices. Manage matters and holds programmatically with Google Vault API to help the legal team. Improvements to Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange. Troubleshooting tool and related logs.

Enterprise Identity made easy in G Suite with Cloud Identity. Insert Identity-as-a-Service (iDaaS) РCloud identity image. See Cloud Identity White Paper. Automatically provision users to Asana, Dialpad, Freshdesk, Lucidchart, RingCentral, and Smartsheet. Prevent users from creating Team Drives indefinitely. Move Google Drive Files and folders to Team Drives with migration options: Allow users to migrate files, migrate folders as a super admin, and delegate admin migration rights to users. Notify internal sender when their email gets quarantined. Learn more G suite launches in one easy-to-access place (blog). Project fi now available for G Suite Customers only available in us and allows 6 users. Wireless services from Google, enable in apps in additional google services. Google Cloud Services are switching Certificate Authority.

New iOS enterprise security features now available, including corporate contacts. Improved control of corporate contacts and calendar, managing apps, safari settings, sharing photos, and advanced security settings. Two-thirds of employees use personal devices at work. Gmail improves the early detection of phishing attempts Gmail protections to combat malware in attachments to zero-day threats, ransomware, and polymorphic malware. Machine learning has allowed Gmail 99% accuracy in spam detection. Calendar email notifications. Google Apps Script to create an ad on for docs or sheets for formula. Go to aggregate reports. Adding nine third-party applications to the G Suite pre-integrated SSO apps catalog with nine new pre-integrated apps, add your own apps, and available in all g suite editions. More control over profile fields and contacts on/off setting allows admins to decide which profile fields can be edited by users; Updated developer identity guidelines and registration process to protect users. An update on the classic Google Sites deprecation timeline. Q4 2017 Content migration features in sites and 2018 migration tools for admins will be available. At least one replication will include at least one year of unchanged operation and 3 months of read-only operation.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a package of cloud-based services that can provide your company or school with a whole new way to work together online — not just using email and chat, but over video conferences, social media, real-time document collaboration, and more.G Suite Training Chrome Extension in the same Chrome instance where you access your G Suite Domain’s Admin Console. You can find that extension¬†by following this link. As you go through each module, each G Suite in-product lesson will be linked directly to you. We will walk you through these steps in the first lesson.¬†Access our¬†G Suite Administrator Help Center. Our G Suite Administrator Help Center is your one-stop source of truth that you can utilize during this training and beyond as you get accustomed to being a new G Suite Admin.¬†You can also visit and save the video playlist¬†What’s New for Apps Admins¬†on the G Suite YouTube channel.We also recommend that you join the G Suite Admin community at our¬†Google Cloud Connect website. ¬†

Email log search improvements in Gmail make your job easier. Good for users missing attachments.  Email log search improvements in Gmail make your job easier. Track Google+ adoption levels at your organization with new metrics. New Google Drive metrics now accessible from Reports API. Improved Admin controls over offline access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Control offline access using device policies requires a policy on a managed device. Refreshing the Google Accounts login page for all customers, using SSO, and not using SSO provider.

100 announcement from Google Cloud Next 2017

Team drives: work confidently together in the cloud. The G Suite show is a great resource¬†to learn more how to add new team members, keep track of your files if a team member leaves, understand and manage sharing permissions, and manage and view team drives as an admin. New in Google Vault helps you to manage your team’s legal needs. ¬†Retention rules to control how long data is preserved. ¬†A matter is a container for all the data for a specific topic. Enterprise-ready tools for Google Drive. AppBridge: moving to the cloud made easy. Drive File Stream Early Adopter Program, and quck access for teams. Hangouts Meet now publicly available and Hangouts Chat Early Adopter Program now accepting applications. Updates in G Suite to streamline Hangouts and Gmail with streamlining the messaging experience for Android, upgrading SMS with Android Messages, Fully transitioning Google Talk to Hangouts, third-party xmpp clients not supported after JUNE, and legacy Google talk android app will stop functionality. Updates in g suite to streamline hangouts and gmails. Retiring Authentication icon, quick links, quote selected text, smartlabels, Yelp previews, pictures in chat, Picasa reviews, and google voice player. Retiring Google+ functionality in Gmail with ability to email Google+ profiles and use of Google+ circles. You can also apply for the Gmail add-ons developer preview today. You can now receive emails of up to 50MB in Gmail increased receiving limit, sending limit remains at 25MB, and use Google drive to share larger attachments. New calendar admin privileges available in Admin console to delegate admin privileges to only manage Calendar Resources, and available in all G Suite editions.¬†

Introducing Google Cloud Search. The average knowledge worker spends 20% of the workweek searching for and consolidating information. Bringing the power of Google Search to G Suite customers to search across your G Suite content, search your corporate directory with people search, gives proactive assistance providing information before you ask, and is fully integrated with G Suite. You can access Google Cloud search on any supported browser at or any android device with the Google Cloud Search app. Assist cards to help you find the right information at the right time. You can train your cloud search users with a learning center, G Suite Training, and the Help Center. Google Keep is now a G Suite core service to allow content to be handled as specified in your G Suite agreement, be compliant with the terms, conditions, and service levels defined in the G Suite Technical Support Services Guidelines and the G Suite Service Level Agreement, and added as a monitored service to the G Suite Status Dashboard. As an admin you can turn the app on or off for their domains. Resolve conflicting accounts with Transfer tool for unmanaged users. New admin privilege for managing custom templates by delegating admin privileges to manage and moderate templates and there it no longer requires full Drive and Docs control. Granular control to moderate and restrict template submission. The improved phone prompts for 2-step verification with additional details about the sign-in request, sign in faster and more securely, and use for Android and iOS devices. Gmail no long supporting Chrome Browser version 53 and below. Check out what’s new in g suite newsletter and g suite website. New enterprise-grade controls and visibility. Announcing new enterprise-grade controls and visibility in G Suite with more powerful access control for administrators with Security Key enforcement, more data control with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive, DLP for Gmail, and S/MIME for Gmail, and more analytics and insights by connecting BigQuery with Gmail. Security key enforcement. Gmail logs + BigQuery integration. Third-party email archiving to set up a third-party archiving solution to archive Gmail journal messages. Manage email effectively with unified routing settings. Protect from SMTP relay abuse with automatic user suspensions. Upcoming changes to the Google Play Private Channel

Manage iOS devices without MDM profiles. Gmail revamped bounce messages and message headers. 25 people in a hangout. Google BigQuery integrates with Google Drive. Google Springboard.

Jamboard – the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration to cloud

September – Google Cloud and Google Suite announced

Customize your G Suite experience with app maker and

Google Team Drive for file sharing

New recommended partners include:

  • Asana: for project and process management
  • DocuSign: for eSignature
  • FreshDesk: customer support
  • LumApps: corporate and social portal
  • Virtru: encryption
  • Xero and Zoho: Invoice for finance & accounting

¬†October Edition —–

Security and 2-step verification

Getting Started

  1. Why is the choice of your primary domain name important? A primary domain is a permanent record in global DNS indexes.
  2. Which method of domain ownership verification requires access to your DNS provider? Creating a TXT record
  3. Where in the Admin Console are you able to change the timezone for your company? Company Profile
  4. Which of the following products are included as part of the Google Apps Core Services? Gmail, Hangouts, and Google Drive
  5. Which of the following benefits do your users attain by using G Suite? Work anywhere, Collaborate Faster, and communication in real-time

Adding Users

  1.  Your company just acquired a 100-employee startup and you quickly need to add the new employee to your domain. Using the Admin console, is the most efficient way to add new users all at once?
  2. When adding users individually, which of the following is the default method that G Suite establishes user passwords? The admin console generates a temporary password for the new user.Add the new users by uploading the spreadsheet in CSV format.
  3. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and Contact Manager are required data points for adding multiple users via a CSV file.
  4. What is the minimal amount of characters required for G Suite passwords? 8 characters.
  5. In a bulk user upload, users are added, by default, to which organization? The account’s top-level organization.

Managing Users

  1. When you delete a user from G Suite you’re also deleting what three types of data? All email for the user, all documents the user owns, and all calendar events for the user.
  2. Which of the two items below must an Admin do to reset a user’s password? Type and confirm the new password, or click Auto-generate password
  3. Which three of the following statements about managing users is true? A user may belong to multiple groups, a new user may need up to 24 hours to get access to a G Suite Service, and a suspended user will continue to use a G Suite license
  4. By creating an email alias for a user, this automatically allows users to do which of the following? Receive an email at that new address.
  5. Before you begin to change a user’s primary address or display name, you must do which of the following steps? Ask the user to sign out of their Google Cloud or Education account.

Admin Privileges

  1. Which three actions can only the super administrator perform? 1,3,4
  2. What’s the recommended way to create a custom administrator role for your domain? Create a new role and edit the privileges.
  3. You can assign more than one administrator role to a user. True
  4. When assigning an administrative role to a single user, wherein the user’s account page do you assign the role? Admin roles and privileges.


  1. The marketing team would like to create their own groups. Which service is required for your teams to create and manage their own groups? G Guite Groups for Business Service
  2. Your CEO and the executive staff want a single email address that only they can use to send email to the entire company. What’s the recommended way to set this up? Create a restricted group with all users in the domain and assign the role of group owner to the CEO and the executive staff.
  3. If the Google Groups for Business service is turned off, who can create groups for the domain? Super administrators
  4. The engineering team needs to share confidential docs with their team and with external contractors. The contractors often change, which frequently requires the team to add and remove users. What’s the recommended way to set up this sharing system? In Google Groups for Business, have the engineering team create their own group which includes the external contractors, and in Google Drive share folders with that group.


  1. To delegate one user’s personal contacts to another user, what must be configured in the domain by the administrator? Enable contact sharing
  2. Which two of these statements are true about directory contacts? Directory contacts are shared with all users in the domain when contact sharing is enabled and directory contacts are managed by the administrator.
  3. Suspended or deleted users are not auto-enabled when the Global Directory is enabled.
  4. Where do global Directory entries appear? Contact Manager, When typing addresses, and admin console.


  1. Which three of these policies are possible with organizations in G Suite? Enforcing 2-step verification for specific users, restricting user access to G Suite services such as Sites or YouTube, and configuring service settings for users based on their organization.
  2. You want to enable Google+ for your full-time employees but restrict access to your contractors. Which method could be used to do this? Move the contractors into a sub-organization and turn off Google+ for the sub-organization.
  3. Which two of these statements are true about G Suite organizations? A G Suite account may contain multiple organizations and organizations may contain multiple sub-organizations.
  4. How do settings inherit across organizational units? Each child organizational unit inherits settings from its parent, which you can then customize

Manage Services

  1. For a domain that has multiple organizations, at what levels can G Suite services – such as Sites and Gmail – be turned on or off? At the organization level and the sub-organization level.
  2. G Suite core services that are covered in the G Suite Terms of Service are Drive, Google Talk/Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google+.
  3. What is the correct pathway in the Admin console to getting to G Suite’s core services list? Admin Console > Apps > G Suite
  4. All additional Google services are turned ON by default? False

Google Drive

  1. You need to know how much storage space someone is using. In the Admin console, where can you go to determine how much storage space a user has remaining? 3,5
  2. Your company wants to implement the policy that new Docs will be shared internally with everyone in the company. This way users won‚Äôt have to explicitly share new Docs with others. What‚Äôs the recommended way to set this up? Change Link Sharing Defaults to “ON – Anyone at your organization with the link”Your CEO is concerned about how Docs are shared outside the company. As the administrator, which three ways can you use to restrict sharing? 2,3,4

    Along with setting file sharing permissions in Drive, admins are also able to set default sharing options for which of the following? Docs, Sheets, Slides, and My Maps.


    In the Admin console, which three of these Gmail settings can an administrator set for the entire domain? (Choose 3)

    Which of these settings are controlled by the users from their Gmail settings? (Choose 2)

    Your company subscribes to an email campaign service and some of those messages are being flagged as spam. What’s the recommended method to ensure the messages aren’t flagged as spam?

    1 add the email

    In order to allow users to add experimental, pre-release features to their Gmail, what do you need to enable?

     Gmail labs
    Mobile Device Management

    To enforce Android device management, which two of these are required? On the device, the latest version of the G Suite Policy application must be installed. ¬†In the Admin console, “Enabling Mobile Management” under setup must be enabled.

    One of your users lost an Android mobile device that contained sensitive company information. To remotely wipe the device, which two features do you need to be enabled on both the device AND the domain? In the Admin console, Allow Android sync for users, on the device, G Suite Device policy installed.

    If a user loses their device, how would you go about ensuring that no one could access that user’s data? Remote Wipe.

    You have a team of users who just got new iPhones. What setting in the Admin console must be enabled to allow them to synchronize their G Suite mail, contacts, and calendars to their new devices? Allow iOS Sync for G Suite.


    You have an intern who needs access only to reports in G Suite. How should you set this up? Create a custom Admin role for the intern that has the privilege to access reports only.

    Which G Suite report will give you information immediate, aggregated information about your users’ Drive usage? Apps Usage Activity Report

    What tool would you use to see what changes have been made to your G Suite account? Audit logs

    Which of the following attributes can you use when doing an Email Log Search? Date, Sender, Message ID.

    Security and 2-step verification

    For G Suite to send a code to a user’s mobile device to verify their identity when signing in, what feature must be set up by the user? 2-step verification

    What do application-specific passwords do? Act as a substitute for a verification code for applications that don’t support 2-step verification.

    To require user to sign in to G Suite using their LDAP credentials, what should you enable in your domain? Single Sign on

    On a public computer, one of your users signed into a corporate Gmail account and may not have signed out. How do you ensure the user‚Äôs profile is secure? Reset the user’s sign-in cookies and require the user to change the password at next sign in.

    In the G Suite Admin console, how do you view which third-party applications have access to a specific user’s data? In the security section of the user’s profile, view the services the user has authorized for access.


    Which two Calendar settings can an administrator control for everyone in the domain? (choose 2) 1, 3. Internal Free/busy information sharing.

    What are Calendar Resources? 4, 1, 2

    What can users control when it comes to their Calendar apps? Users controle what they share internally

    What calendar option below exists to help plan team projects and events? 1


    G Suite Core services include Gmail, hangouts, contacts, calendar, groups, drive, and sites. They are 100% Cloud-based, can be accessed through any web-browser from any platform or any device, and have a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, and 24/7 technical support. Other services include youtube. As a G Suite Admin, your role is different than the traditional IT Admin. You and your users receive new features and updates automatically. The admin console allows you to add users, manage devices, and configure settings. ¬†G Suite users can work anywhere, collaborate faster, have communication in real-time, and share information easily. With Gmail, you get a 30GB inbox, powerful search, and a familiar interface. With the calendar, you can see co-worker’s calendars, layer calendars, and create additional calendars. Hangouts allow you to have real-time communications through chat via: Video, Voice, and text. Google Drive keeps all work with online file storage in one place to be accessible anywhere from any device.¬†¬†You can collaborate more easily using doc’s, sheets and slides.¬†These are productivity tools you can use to work in¬†real time with people inside and outside your company.¬†Create and share websites easily using Google sites.¬†Launch the internet for your company,¬†a project site for your team or a portal for customers.¬†You can expand the G-Suite to include archiving,¬†E-discovery and information governance capabilities with Google vault.¬†Google vault is an optional service that complements G-Suite.


    Elements of User Management: Adding Users, Email Aliases, Renaming Users, passwords, suspending/deleting, and admin privileges.

    Download the Google Admin app.

    Google calendar:






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