The majority of buyers have already started their buying journey before engaging with salespeople. In the Advise Stage, inbound sales advising methods include advising buyer properly framing their challenge, advising buyer decision between one product/service vs. another, advising buyer on the evaluation criteria they should use to select a firm given their context, and illustrate to the buyer why they are the ideal fit for their context then negotiates the final terms.

Advising Steps

  1. Recap Exploratory call
  2. Suggest ways to achieve their goals/overcome challenges
  3. Confirm budget
  4. Decision-making processes
  5. Timeline
  6. Get buyer commitment

Legacy sales presentation flow: Company background, customers, recap conversations of problems, solutions, and close.What value can you provide to the conversation that they can’t get anywhere else? Include in a timeline a product evaluation, purchase processes, implementation, training stops.¬† Presentations show product advantages¬†and two most popular case studies.

Global Social Media Marketing Proposal 

  1. Learn prospect context in the exploratory process.
  2. The plan they discussed and agreed upon during the exploratory call.
  3. A review of pros and cons of the different options they’re considering.
  4. A customized packaged recommendation.

Global Social Media Marketing Visuals Examples

Visuals communicate the quality of work. Examples could include a search optimized blog post that is ranking well for a key social media marketing search term. A landing page with an ebook from a client. A Linkedin Plus article that is driving significant traffic to social media marketing in that industry. The amount of traffic a client get from their blog subscribers who receive an email alert when a new blog post is published. How one client connects with a large number of leads by using email template. A video that shows how easy it is to use Facebook ads to drive conversions.

Tailored Inbound Sales Presentations

Create a powerpoint deck emphasizing only the value propositions aligned with the buyer’s needs, including case studies with the buyer’s industry, role, and need. Do an ROI analysis customized to the buyer’s metrics and business. Finally, create a proposal or contract that spells out a client’s goals, agreed upon scope of work, and metrics that indicate success. Pitches that close are personalized to the buyer’s context. Inbound Sales Presentation flow: Recap conversations how others are making changes in your situation,¬† pros and cons of the different approaches, your goals, best approach and why, and how we can best support that.

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