To setup, an inbound sales Connect Stage strategy you need to reach out to buyers via email and voicemail first. Share content about the three common challenges their buyers have at the Awareness Stage. Then offer buyers free consultations to discuss these challenges further and engage with the buyers through social media. Social selling allows you to develop your own personal brand with your buyers, but you will also identify additional leads to pursue.

Define personas

  1. Types of companies – geographic, size, and subcategory industry
  2. Types of persons – role, title, function, common behavior
    • Persona a: Partner at professional services firm
    • Persona b: Marketing manager/associate at ps firm

Once the persona structure is in place, add details about each persona. Focus on the perspectives of each persona at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. Awareness stage person questions:

  1. How do personas describe goals or challenges align with your company’s offering?
  2. How do personas educate themselves on their goal or challenge? Industry peers, other senior leaders in organization, online forums like Linkedin and Quora, Google, industry publications, tradeshows
  3. What are the implications of inaction by each persona?
  4. Common misconceptions personas have about addressing their goal or challenge?

Define sequences for each persona. Decide on mediums to reach out to each persona by phone, social media, email, and in person. Sound human and helpful by personalizing email subject line to personas perspective. Avoid mail merge, auto-dialers, and use the content you layout as guidelines. When will you reach out? If you don’t connect on the first outreach, when will you try again?  How many times will you reach out before you give up?

Define the outreach content for each sequence

In order to do an outreach content for each sequence, you will need to take an inventory of your existing content and check sent emails. Keep outreaches short with 15 seconds voicemails and emails less than 200 words. Reference the buyer at least 2x as much as you mention yourself.  End all emails with a question identifying a goal or a challenge.

EXAMPLE: VP of Sales Communications 5 times over 2 weeks

Outreach content for inbound leads include emails, website visits, and social media. Increase quality of the product, increase the pace of sourcing, decrease cost per unit, reallocate time spent on sourcing to higher value activities. Use interest-specific content in your outreach sequences. Use an email template tool and CRM to develop personal messages salespeople can automate some of the sequences execution.

  1. Call, Follow-up with an email, Follow Twitter Handle and retweet a post
  2. If no reply in 7 days – call, email, subscribe to blog and comment on blog
  3. No reply – call, email, LinkedIn request
  4. Call, email
  5. Call, email, LinkedIn message

Social Selling

You can Spend 5 hours per week social selling – the monitor LinkedIn group, follow thought leaders in space and retweet content, 1 guest post to the company blog. Read a few blogs and comment on them. Find the people on Twitter that your prospects follow and share their content to your followers. Send DM. Find the LinkedIn groups in which your prospects are active and engage in these groups. Consider creating a group. Find the blogs that your prospects read. Share these posts on Twitter, Linkedin, and other sites where your prospects are. Comment on the blog with your company link. Invite to participate in market research. Publish to your company’s blog. You could send common connections on Linkedin a private message if they connect with you. You need to get social selling now!



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