The exploratory process it the stage of the Inbound Sales methodology that requires you to take the right approach, the right attitude, and offer the right thing for the prospect. The steps of exploratory call in inbound sales include challenges, goals, plans, timeline, Consequences, Implications, Authority, and Budget. I’m only asking these difficult questions or answer in the best interest of the prospect to consider. On any exploratory call, the following might happen: determining a fit and getting buy-in for next steps, determining it’ll never be a fit, determining it’snot a fit right now. They explore which challenge is most pressing and why. They understand the perceptions the buyer has on one product/service vs. another, as well as which type of products might be best for their needs

  1. Build rapport
  2. Recap what you learned and shared from previous conversations
  3. Set an agenda for the call
  4. Focus on their challenges
  5. Connect challenges to goals
  6. Understand the prospect’s plans
  7. Understand timeline and urgency
  8. Discuss negative consequences
  9. Discuss positive implications
  10. Cover authority
  11. Confirm Budget
  12. Getting buy-in and commitment

Based on the challenges you’re facing and your interest in the insights I just shared, would you like to set up a call to explore how I might be able to help you? It helps to make a list of all of the challenges you solve most frequently. For each of the personas, industries, or roles you sell to, so you can prompt your prospects.

Active listening process: Truly listen to the prospect, feedback the content and feeling of the prospect’s words, confirm you heard the prospect correctly, ask a relevant follow-up question to further clarify your understanding of their situation.If we fast forward to a year.  What goal will you have accomplished? B2B products/services help a company do one of the following: make more money, save money, avoid risk.goal conversation: you should have determined how much money they stand to gain or save.Plan conversation: you can determine the cost of the alternative plans. Sales, and marketing goals. how many websites leads for 1 client. how many leads do you need to generate in a year? are thee other goas you’re hoping to accomplish. What have you tried doing in the past that didn’t work?

What are you doing to get more traffic to your website? can you blog more frequently? outsourcing fight to experts. how does your firm manage social media marketing and social selling? Focus not on when they must sell their product, but when they must achieve their goals.

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