Infantil 2

As a trainer, you’ll be responsible for showing educators how to integrate Google tools into the classroom. A teacher can use Google Sheets and Forms to measure and analyze student growth, deliver quizzes to students, and Collect feedback from students. Google Classroom allows teachers to view, comment, and edit student work in real time, teachers can create and manage class discussions, and teachers can reuse posts from year to year. Some tools that can help expand the four walls of your classroom and bring your lessons to life include Google Expeditions, Google Maps, and Google Hangouts. Mr.Sanchez wants to ensure that the teachers at his school feel supported and empowered to use technology in their classrooms. Some support models he can implement are curated professional development resources, staff development workshops, student-led support, and embedded instructional coaches.

  1. Google Drawings: Play people bingo as an icebreaker. Create a bingo card with Google Drawings. For each bingo square, add personality traits or experiences that people may have in common. To play this game, ask each person to make a copy of your bingo template or share them through Google Classroom if you have access to the latter tool. Then have each person walk around the room to find someone who fits the description in the bingo square. Below are a few examples of what to include on a bingo card Gets excited when G Suite updates are announced, Loves to use Google Forms, enjoys collaborating with others using Google Docs, and uses Google Sheets at least once a month. How can you get your learners to meet someone new at your workshop? Google Classroom: Create a Google Classroom just for your training to get learners to ask questions and access training resources. Using the Post a Question feature, you can post resources for your attendees to analyze. Then, include a question to get them conversing online about the ideas and resources you shared. Have the participants post their responses and replies to each other in the Stream. You can use the group chat feature in Google Hangouts for professional development.
  2. Google Slides: Have your audience actively practice the skills they are learning by assigning all learners a different slide to practice the different features of this app. Include instructions and links to additional resources on the first slide so that your attendees have a reference guide to get them started. By crowdsourcing the learning, your attendees will also have access to the collective creativity of the entire room. Many times, when teachers from the same school attend training, they tend to sit by their grade levels or content areas. Workshops are a great way for teachers to forge new connections and bond with others outside of their comfort zone. Icebreaker games like people bingo can help attendees learn more about each other and branch outside of their comfort zone. Involve attendees in the learning process during a training session with Google Hangouts. By opening a group chat in Hangouts, the audience can post questions and share resources, allowing them to interact with each other without interrupting the flow of the training. Also, it helps teachers forge connections, contribute ideas, and build a learning community of their own.


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