Republishing is the act of reposting your content, mainly blogs, on other websites with proper credit given to the original author. They should¬†use¬†a canonical tag and a link at the beginning or the end of the post that connects back to your website. The source should also have “NoIndex” in their copy of the article.

Republishing Best practices:

  • Choose reputable sites to¬†partner with like Business to community, social media today, business insider, next web, huff post, Quora, and Reddit
  • Don’t republish all your content, just top performing content
  • Update the headline of each republished piece of content
  • Wait at least two weeks before you republish your content
  • Include internal links throughout your post
  • Make sure your content is a great fit for the site it’s being published to
  • Include a call-to-action within your blog’s post
  • Utilize Medium,, and LinkedIn to control republishing posts

Effective Recycled content

  • Adjust: Added, removed, or re-worded?
  • Combine: Combine related or unrelated content to provide new value and meaning
  • Expand: Something you’ve already done in order to dig deeper into that topic.

Splitting up a comprehensive guide. Don’t create content to just create content. Think of each content idea that provides value to plant. The roots are social media and blog posts. The trunk is an ebook, whitepaper, or guide. The branches are a webinar or infographic of other pieces of content. If you consistently nurture a sprout to develop as the foundation of roots into a healthy sapling. Mater tree with strong branches.

8 steps to recycling content into a long-form offer:

  1. Identity content format and topic
  2. Make a list of supporting subtopics
  3. Choose strongest supporting subtopics.
  4. Create content for each supporting subtopic – blog post with Instagram photo in it
  5. Download or create a template for the guide.
  6. Recycle blog content and format into chapters.
  7. Create the rest of the content needed to complete.
  8. Update the blog post call-to-actions: subscribe to email updates. Image call-action to get guides.

Guide to a slide deck. Into a webinar. into an infographic. video graphics with voice over. Email series. Email content to audio or podcast. Checklist. Embed a Zeef list of curated links on to our website. Recycle this one-page resource list into an email course. Give the course its own landing page product. Social Media Marketing E-Course. Global Social Media Marketing Grader that grades your social media skills. Video series or a chatbot. Republish only your top content.



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