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Who’s Behind Globalsocialmediamarketing.com?

Benjamin Kepner – A global communicator, marketer, blogger, and wanna-be surfer.

Benjamin KepnerI began as a double major graduate from the University of Georgia in Marketing and International Business.  I’ve authored numerous blog articles and attended countless marketing events to connect with the thought leaders in the digital marketing industry.  Spent 14 years studying Spanish and another 3 years in Mandarin Chinese. I started my career in a number of independent contractor roles proving to people my expertise in social media marketing, blogging, and video.

  • 2013-2014 AiMA Committee Membership Blogger

Then, I finally packed my bags to cross the Atlantic Ocean to totally immerse myself in the Spanish language and Galician culture as a Cultural ambassador in España.

I ended up in Orlando with a global travel wholesaler that took me to Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.

  • 2015-2016 Tourico Holidays International Sales & Social Media Marketing Manager

I’m back now in Atlanta util my next global opportunity providing international sales and marketing consultant services for brands ready to expand into international markets and tell stories. Lifelong learner on the pursuit of digital marketing certifications.


Social Media is all about people, relationships, conversations and the ability to capture sales leads from those relationships, which, nowadays, happen mostly online.  What sets me above your average social media person is my intuitive ability to get into the mind of my clients, analyze their visions, create a structure and a plan for growth, and making sure that the whole process brings success and happiness into their busy lives, in an harmonious way.

Feel free to reach out to me about how we can take your brand global.

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