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What can brown do for you? ¬†UPS, the world’s largest shipping carrier company in the world, is a top leader different from the rest rooted in democracy with a small d. ¬†Michael L. Eskew, former chairman and chief executive officer of United Parcel Service from 2002‚ÄĒ2007 and board member of UPS,¬†shared a wise man’s story of how a leader dynamically evolves to the global marketing environment through life lessons over time at the Terry Executive Center.

Mike didn’t always play by the book, but things like the purpose and mission change for a brand over time. ¬†That taught him his first life lesson:

1. Take the initiative, challenge the organization.

The values of the core organization should never be changed. ¬†In turn, the company should do things the right way. ¬†One thing I really enjoyed about hearing Mike speak was when he came down to floor to humble himself with the rest of the audience‚ÄĒI could have reached out and touched him. ¬†UPS has a presence in 200 countries and 400,000 employees with 15 million packages, exactly 6% GDP of the United States and close to 3% of the world GDP. ¬†Mike said “I learned stuff wrong once, and then figured out why do you do it this way to make it right. ¬† I got out of my comfort zone, had lunch with people that I didn’t know, and was always becoming more diverse.”

He talked about launching an international market in Germany in 1976.  It was a 3 phrase process as he would come to tell us, even though he had no idea where the 3rd phase would lead to.  That would be his second lesson in life:

2. There are growing pains to understanding cultures.

UPS is a regulated industry of rates for each state and Mike wanted them to be the best operators. ¬†How?¬† Measure everything. ¬†‚ÄúIf it didn’t move, we kicked it and moved it,‚ÄĚ says Mike. Measurements are used to manage business. ¬†You don’t tag things as “the worst,” but better worded with “least best, most help needed.” ¬†The key was measurement‚ÄĒhow can we make this better. ¬†He used things like the balance scorecard measurement to rank and rate things for a better compensation.¬† Measurement is vital and without it you can’t improve operations. ¬†This would teach him his third life lesson:

3. Help other people be successful, stand back and let others take credit.

People notice these things. ¬†By having every person accountable for measuring performance and metrics you’re creating your own “ground support equipment.” ¬†After the company’s huge success in Germany, Mike began to look into 747’s. ¬†He was debating to buy American Airlines carriers for $25 million a piece. ¬†It was a risky move and all of the facts weren’t in place. ¬†This taught him life lesson four:

4. Deal with ambiguity.  You always have to make decisions with lack of information.

Mike knew he had a vision with his network planners. ¬†How can you get big sources for business? ¬† Move to¬†where the business is. ¬†Whoever gets the next technology spread, runs quality operations on the ground, and is forward-thinking moves markets. ¬†You tell people you are concerned about them and made them have great reputations for creating better performance. ¬†“We can’t do it without you” was a motto UPS lived by. ¬†The movement of commerce changed over time at UPS though:

INFO (orders) –> GOODS (production) –>FUNDS (u owe me)

E-commerce taught him to find ways to come up with solutions to disruptive technology. ¬†He evolved through understanding package management, alternative choices for consumers, new product innovations, using CRM’s for unique services, keeping acquisitions separate, and using the internet to act small. ¬†This would teach him his last life lesson:

5. Solutions are better than products.

That is UPS’s differentiator. ¬†How did they enable this you ask?

  • Build capabilities with acquisitions
  • Change brands and colors: “What can brown do for you”
  • Think about customers and segmentation
  • Move Technology
  • Have a “We can’t do it without you” attitude

Where is postal service headed? ¬†According to Mike, as a visionary in¬†international¬†commerce, the future of labor unions and company relationships will continue to ask workers to become “teamsters” and to not take everything so personally. ¬†The future of the post office does not have a sustainable business model. ¬†The business model needs to be changed and that’s why they are currently voting on it in the Senate. ¬†The post office needs to not be so bullish! ¬†It has to see it’s GDP increase¬†without the use of “Junk Mail,” so many different organizations, implementing a board of directors, and setting a plan for how much mail needs to be¬†delivered¬†for sustainable business.

Final Thought:¬†“Blood, sweat, and tears make the light.”


The crowd. ¬†The chatter. The entertainment. The only way to¬†succeed¬†in the entertainment industry by networking and leveraging contacts. ¬†A catered brunch, 3 panels, keynote presentations, and a Red Bull powered networking hour later¬†–I found myself peeking into the PESA Summit, UGA‚Äôs premier entertainment and sports conference conceptualized by Terry students as a monumental event for UGA, exposing students to professional opportunities, educational seminars, and the inspiration to follow their passions.

As I sat in an unscrupulous corner looking in this bio-dome shaped tent engulfing my creamsicley casual polo, I soaked in the sounds of the crowd and students from the waves of the UGA Music Business Program.  Attendees from all over the United States had come out for the event.  Some were current students aspiring to become entertainment professionals, while others were alumni just looking to network.

After sitting at a table chatting with new friends, I made my way over to Sanford Hall for a presentation of what would be in store for this event.¬†¬†As inspirational quotes flew across the projector via Twitter, the crowd silenced for the keynote…

The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y-it‚Äôs Diddy.¬† Wait it‚Äôs not!¬† It‚Äôs Aaron Arnold, producer, writer, and speaker, of Music is my business.¬† Aaron began with his story of a date that he will always remember as a turning point in his life.¬† July 17, 2004–the day Aaron married.¬† The next day, he got a call from Bad Boy Records for an unpaid intern-assistant job with Sean “Diddy” Combs to leave his wife on their honey moon. ¬†It was his ‚Äúmatrix moment.‚ÄĚ ¬†Should he take the red or the blue pill?

Insert red or blue pill matrix image
Arnold lived in the moment, followed his passion, and executed his dreams.  At the end, he really touched the students that were there that day:

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs not how you start; you never know where your journey will take you.¬† Feed your faith and your focus.¬† Plans change, but visions don‚Äôt.¬† Being an entrepreneur is about freedom.¬† If you don‚Äôt have faith, than you don‚Äôt have anything.¬† Be committed to it. ¬†You fall and you can recover.¬† I took that unpaid internship with Sean Diddy Combs because I knew I was talented enough to go far in this business, foolish enough to go very far. ¬†Now that‚Äôs Dope.”-Aaron Arnold

‚ÄúEntrepreneurship and Innovation‚ÄĚ featuring:

  1. Zeshan Muhammedi, Partner, SEA Apparel
  2. I’na Saulsberry, CEO, The Starfire Group
  3. Seth Weiner, CEO, Shimo Presents, Inc. & Work Exchange Team LLC
  4. Aaron Arnold, CEO, MusicIsMyBusiness
  5. April Love, Owner, Ask April Love PR
  6. Moderator: Randy Groomes, Director of Diversity Relations, Terry College of Business

Innovation and entrepreneurship drives this world. ¬†This panel took students into the challenges of new¬†business, from the¬†start¬†up to to when they finally “make-it.” ¬†Life for these speakers revolves around the¬†hustle¬†and they shared how they reached¬†their¬†success, but also inspired our future innovators. ¬†Entrepreneurship means starting something from you. ¬†Don’t make it a side project. ¬†You need to live, breathe, and eat your idea or business. ¬†You might fail a thousand times, but if you keep working at it, you can achieve anything. ¬†As I helped Randy take pictures of the panel, I managed to scribble some notes down while I thought back to my days at the¬†Terry Undergraduate Business Case Analysis Competition.

Innovation means doing something else others don’t do. ¬†It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create the next best product like Perfect-A-Flash; it could be your service. ¬†You might be a marketing firm in Atlanta among hundreds, but the way you handle your customers can set you apart. ¬†Don’t be afraid to take risks and be in the long haul. ¬†Try to make connections with your peers. ¬†They are the ones that will be creating the new ideas for¬†tomorrow. ¬†At the end, each panel left a final comment, but for me it was Randy Groomes who summed it up the best.

“Be an enfatic learner. ¬†Knowledge is power.”-Randy Groomes

“The Social Media Impact” featuring:

  1. Adam Wexler, CEO, Insightpool and Gorankem.com
  2. Carl Azuz, Anchor, CNN
  3. Jennifer Brett, Entertainment Columnist and Social Media Expert, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
  4. Adrion Porter, Founder, FusionFlow Media
  5. Jason Longshore, Operations Director, Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves; Deputy Director, Soccer in the Streets
  6. Moderator: Scott Thompson, Assistant Professor for Marketing Dept., UGA

Staying relevant in the 21st Century involves more than just ad campaigns and a great PR team. ¬†From athletes, musicians and even a major television network, developing a social media strategy is essential to a brand’s success. ¬†The power has been put back into the people with social media. ¬†Twitter is great for Public Relations. ¬†Facebook is more for engagement. ¬†Even with CNN’s I-report, journalists all over the world can share a video of what is going on in the world. ¬†Social media allows you to standout and bring empowerment to the consumer. ¬†All of us has a¬†voice. ¬†As you evolve, your brand can evolve too.

How can you keep up with social media and where is it headed? ¬†If you look towards the future, the growth has been in Pinterest, Soundcloud, and Youtube. ¬†Experimenting ¬†and trying to see which one’s work is the name of the game. ¬†Social media can amplify who you are. ¬†Be extremely conscious of Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,¬†Wikipedia, and blogs. ¬†These are the platforms that will come up most when someone is searching for your identity online. ¬†Learn from strategists and organizations like¬†Amy Porterfield,¬†Virtue,¬†and the Social Media Club.

“B.Y.O.B. ¬†Build your own brand.”-Adam Wexler

“Future of Network Television” featuring:

  1. Barbara LineBarger, Vice President of Network Partnerships, Turner; President, Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Southeast Chapter
  2. Angela Cannon, Affiliate Marketing, Gospel Music Channel
  3. Courtney Carini, Director of Digital Business Development, Scripps Networks Interactive
  4. Keisha Fuller, Mobile Brand Manager, News & Entertainment at Turner

In today’s society, television networks are increasingly faced with issues of going “over-the-top”, protecting their content, and forever altering what traditional notions of televison are. ¬†Television is not dying.¬† It will never go away.¬† In today‚Äôs TV world, you need to adjust your internal structure for making money from distribution and ad revenue.¬† Adapt your model like Turner has with branded content.¬† In today‚Äôs technology driven world, you need to tell about your experience of programs on new devices, take advertisers through sweepstakes, and see what platforms are the most effective to use for each network. ¬†Go where your viewers are. ¬†Most people are not watching live TV unless it‚Äôs a sporting event. ¬†Nielson ratings are still the advertising card, but television shows need to be used as cross-platform products spread across departments to increase overall advertising dollars. ¬†People watch the types of scripted TV with smart writing and good acting that have no substitute for a writing team. ¬†Use a transmedia strategy and take advantage of social media platform apps.

Final Thought:¬†“Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. ¬†Be curious, diverse, inquisitve, and continue to read.”-Keisha Fuller


Blog or die, publish or perish.  Blog article writing is an essential element to getting found by customers and by Google.  Site visitors and search engines are looking for fresh, new content that is interesting.  Published optimized blogs are like an annuity Рthey will continue to attract your targets’ and search engine interest on into the future, regardless of business category.

However, the best blogs engage target customers to take action.  Did you know that less than 2% of visitors engage with a website?

‚ÄúThat leaves 98 to go.‚ÄĚ

Fred Spring and Tom Telford, Co-founders of 98 To Go, created an inbound marketing agency that is cracking the code on what it takes to be found by the search engines, then nurture those online relationships, so that the researcher can gain trust and ultimately wants to buy. As Inbound Marketing gurus, they do a lot of their measurement using Hubspot 3.0 because it provides valuable measurements like marketing grader, unique visitors, traffic rank, indexed pages, linking domains, MozRank, and Facebook fans.¬† In their presentation at Digital Atlanta ‚ÄúBlogging Tips That Get Results,‚ÄĚ they provided us with advanced tips on how to get the most of your blogging.

–>TIP 1: The Title is most important element of the blog post: First, Use a whiteboard for developing keywords and topics into title of blog post.¬† Then place keywords in the title and in blog post.¬† Make it sound natural and keep it interesting to attract readership.¬† Keyword phrases can be modified slightly in title to read more naturally, but the closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title ‚Äď the better it is for Search Engine Optimization purposes. ¬†Try to use Google keywords, long tail keywords and keep your blog title to 9 words or less for better refine searches.¬† Finally, ALL WORDS IN TITLE ARE CAPITALIZED, ALL WORDS.

–>TIP 2: Have your blog topic answer questions people are searching for: Is your topic for fun, growing business, or just to help other businesses?¬† Think about why your writing a post and who your audience is.¬† Developing blog titles, which answer questions or demonstrate practical advice by using specific information are the most compelling.¬† Use comparisons, percentages, numbers, and specific product info to gain attention.

–>TIP 3: ‚ÄúMore blogging is mo betta‚ÄĚ: Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate over 5x more traffic than those that blog 4x per month.¬† Those that do blog also get 4x more leads than those that don‚Äôt blog.¬† A lot of people have trouble blogging consistently because of writers block or not enough time.¬† The best way to solve this problem is to set a publish schedule or¬†to consider outsourcing by using guest bloggers and having co-workers lend a hand. Develop blog titles and topics in advance to secure best writers, enable revisions and allow for edits.

–>TIP 4: Host blogs on your website: Sub domain: ideal home for your blog is on a sub-domain of your main website.¬† A Website folder is a good alternative for putting your blog in a folder of your main website.

–>Tip 5: #Words per post: Good blog posts are suppose to be short and sweet.¬† However, through Fred and Tom‚Äôs findings, rich and useful 600 or more word posts enable better engagement influence for staying on a specific page longer.

–>TIP 6: Link building: By creating useful internal and external links, blogs can provide better educational experiences for users.¬† Have your links open to a new window and make sure the keyword your linking to a website contains the same keyword on that site.¬† Don‚Äôt forget to use both internal and external links.

–>TIP 7: Whenever possible, have call-to-actions: Offer related to content with a click on button, act now, order now, buy online today, click here, etc.

–>TIP 8: Use 2-3 related images in each post: Use Jpeg images and label them accordingly.¬† Name each file and alt text using same keyword.¬† Use keywords in the picture description.¬† Original photos are always the best.

–>TIP 9: Pleasing to eye: Keep your blog easy to read with images, video, and design principles.Use 7-10 keywords when you are tagging your blog posts.

–>Tip 10: Determination, results take time: Don‚Äôt expect your blog to become a success over night.¬† Consistent publishing and sharing across the 47 top social media networks can help gain attention. Share this is a great blog application for sharing your content too.


How does one become a great salesman?  I myself constantly find that businesses are looking for that one character that can not only tell a story, but close the deal. Human resource departments spend a plethora of time and money conducting personality tests to find that next energetic enthusiast that will drive their future growth.  Fortunately for a student at the University of Georgia, there are people like Dr. Peggy Emmelhainz who have a passion for teaching professionals and giving back to students that she so deeply cares about.

Undergraduate marketing teacher, supply chain management strategist, and creative event marketer; the list goes on for the achievements of this great woman that has made her a brand that matters in the UGA community.  In a career sales panel of leading salesman in their profession, Dr. Peggy Emmelhainz conducted a Questions and Answers section where she helped UGA students understand the importance of sales in marketing.    Leading sales professionals at Newell Rubbermaid, Hormel Foods, Eli & Lily, State Fram Insurance, and Altria were on hand at this experiential situation for budding the tools necessary for anyone to achieve success in sales growth.

First, it is important to understand the amount of training that you will go through.¬† 1,200 based products could be in your arsenal and it’s up for you to know how to sell all of them.¬† For example, you might have to call 150 retail accounts and initiate trade programs.¬† Don’t forget direct mail, in-store sales, and brand positioning.

“Successful personal selling¬†has always been: visibility,¬†competitive prices, channels, and prospecting.”

Correct brand management and product training will increase your market research.  Marketing and sales are very intertwined.  Many marketing majors do go into sales because it is the foundation for any organization. Selling makes money, but marketing is more complex than just sales. Marketing includes:

“Wholesale, pricing, supply and distribution, sales, communication, analytics, connections, behaviors, and outcomes.”

Every salesperson should think of¬†themselves¬†as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. ¬†A self-motivated individual with an arsenal of tools that it needs to use during “Tool Time.” ¬†Insightful questions are important to ask because these are how we learn what our customers need. ¬†How can you truly give great customer service without questioning? ¬†Knowing your day to day business with customers and having a competitive spirit to take on new customers is what drives new business development too. ¬†A salesperson must show the need for recognition of new customers by taking the necessary accountability for great service.
Being up to date is important as a salesperson.¬† Being prepared, humble, and having personal communications skills can show who you are and give a deeper connection with someone.¬† Practice role playing with your friends or colleagues for help.¬† Prove concise points to your customers and people will better understand what you are trying to communicate to them. ¬†It’s also important to not just look at things, but really analyze what people are telling you. ¬†Kevin Ellis always told me that the most important thing always boiled down to one thing in sales. ¬†“It’s all about communication.” ¬†Just ask anyone who ever had him for a class.

Final Thought:

“Innovate. ¬†Don‚Äôt imitate.”


Coca-Cola Image Here

Laura Pettus, Sr. Marketing Activation Manager at Coca-Cola Co., is a woman with a great heart.  Her Terry Talk with the students was innovative and good feeling.  Coca-cola is an aspiring brand that took Laura a great time to achieve to be a part of.  She went back to advertising, journalism school, agencies, and different industries to give herself as an aspiring strategist to be in an array of experiences.

Laura defined Marketing Strategy intelligently as executing a plan.  Finance and Accounting are also important in your strategy to be well rounded.  Corporate international management strategy can be very involved.  It is important in determining objectives, executing sponsorships, and initiating affiliate programs.  Advertising funds can help us to show the importance of better understanding customers.  Customer marketing is best sold through personal selling.  Coca-cola is constantly questioning their business on how to activate local marketing assets.  March Madness, NASCAR, Olympics, the sprite slam dunk contest, FIFA, movies, and the American Music Awards have all be great successes for Coca-Cola.

However, the Agency client side is more crucial now than ever.¬† What strategy links the brand to sponsorships? ¬†The media landscape is a very different beast today than it was even 5 years ago. Then agency-led television commercials dominated how we channel our marketing. The very fact you are reading this here proves that things have changed. Coca-Cola has always been at the forefront of innovation. In this Coca-Cola Content 2020 video Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company is the person responsible for leading global creative vision and strategy for the Company’s portfolio of global brands. In this video, he explains how Coke will leverage the opportunities in the new media landscape and transform one-way storytelling into dynamic storytelling hoping to add value and significance to peoples lives.

“Every contact point with a customer should tell an emotional story”.

Having the department for that allows making it easier to manage all aspects of your brands.  Your marketing strategy depends on who your targeted consumer is making the brand to life, attention to detail, management, creative, strategic, and creating a long-term relationships-and ultimately making the choice brand.  It is also important to use your celebration toolkit, what you can and should like.


Connections innovation, Cingular, Dream of the 90’s. Innovating connections. Coca-cola is the world’s most socially discussed brand. In 1969, you had the benches billboard that was a cultural segregation of Coca-Cola.¬† In 1973, Hilltop in Italy came to be.¬† In 2013, Small World Machine broke down the barrier and share the experience.¬† We are now in a collaborative story around brands.¬† The Hub-Listen was launched to listen, analyze, and engage and fans.¬† The Global Strenght, Awareness (70% in English) Predictions (Opportunity of engagement), Consistency (Access to the message), Standards (KPI’s/volcano velocity).¬† Listen and analyze knowing which one’s matter.¬† Knowing which ones matter for listening and analyzing is important.¬† Positive moments that are opportunities to engage.¬† We want to transform our customers into brand advocates from like to love.

The Coca-Coal journey is a media solution of 19,000 pieces of consent.¬† Wendy Clark and the Surge Movement.¬† There were petitions, emails, twitter and delivered via Amazon.¬† Direct distribution via real-time marketing at Surge.¬† Content is what inspires conversation.¬† To have a conversation Jonathan the CMO It’s more food to the pot-luck that is social.¬† 25-34 largest network #AMERICAISBEAUTIFUL.¬† Have the cultural conversation storyline.¬† You need to have socially seeded sentiment.¬† Haters hate.¬† A retweet is neutral, not influence.¬† Time is based on natural listening. Lovers like and leave. Force Multiplier and Classarket.

Final Thought:

‚ÄúBetter networking is¬†not just done by¬†finding people online.¬† It’s about making connections that help create long-term relationships.”


Entrepreneurial.¬† It’s a big word with a big meaning.¬† Dreaming and risk-taking are something in life that can seem as unreality. ¬†Entrepreneurship is a story to tell the network of people you know.¬†In the interest of pursuing my own entrepreneurial business one day, I attendded Matt Marvel (production fenceworks)¬†and Brent Chandlers (Formfree financial services) interactive discussion as part of the 2011 Terry Talks series on Entrepreneurship.

How can I get investors?  Lenders and banks can be used as source of finance to get you going.  Sales growth, management, and financial books are important to investors.  Capital investors-venture capitalists.  Miran Shoals-options theory strategy, time weighted values.  Banks behind the curve such as equifaz.

Is your market big enough for you to squeeze out your competitiors.¬† Why is it good for the consumer and how does it develop their social behavior? ¬†Creating vision in new market is metric. ¬†Brett and Practical, life-living experiences.¬† Importing business. ¬† Seach engjine-website performance.¬† SEO.Not knowing and highly fragmentedKey challenges for ROI Marketing are thatWe don’t have the right access to data. ¬†The biggest barrier is the culture and environment.

What is the guide for marketing strategies?  ROI Marketing is not just about integrating into planning, but improving effectiveness through effective profitability, financial contribution, insights to marketers, inform and change of strategies, and understanding the measurement side of what is working.

The financial components impact translates into marketing contribution, how to change targeting, influence of marketing tactics, customer funnel, additional sales, changing customer value, customer retention, acquisition,¬†right environments, access to data, and constantly solving the challenge of cultures and environments. ¬†It is important to define measurements correctly. ¬†We need to¬†focus on progression on building new capabilities and moving into the current level where we are today to help build support. ¬†If a business has¬†little or no marketing measurements now, they can start small and build up by making sure they are¬†tracking by using a basic spreadsheet.¬† Managers need to use a “managing funnel” to see immediate benefits.

Techniques to consolidate disparate data sources include:

  • An easy-to-understand model for customer data that creates lifetime value estimates
  • Sophisticated approaches in identifying customers by segment and assigning lifetime value estimates,
  • Metric dashboard design principles to accelerate understanding and outcomes
  • Understanding of how simple visual analytics and dashboards can empower program owners to quickly comprehend success and meet objectives.

ROI marketing is more oriented to guiding marketing strategies.  Integrating into planning, improve profitability financial contribution.  more insights to marketers and informing people to change marketing decision and tactical plans is key.  Measurements of what is not and is working should be tracked. Marketing expenses must impact into some marketing contribution.

?Questions to ask?

-How to change the targeting?

-How do we understand the marketing tactics?

-Define measurements correctly?

-Continuous improvement: what are our basic trackings and market testings?

-Where are your profit potentials?

“Customer funnel is your number one initiative in ROI marketing.¬† Changing customer value will progress as time goes on.¬† Yet, creating Long-term relationships through effective communication is always a success for any business.”

Final Thoughts:

‚ÄúNetwork all day long.”